Gigi's Comfort Care Products

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There are so many products out there for daily living that its overwhelming.  So many of those available products have toxins and allergy causing agents in them.  I found that getting back to basics is the best thing for many of us.  My skin has always been sensitive and I have been looking for ways to help myself feel better and avoid things that irritate.  I wanted to offer my family and friends a better and more natural alternative. 

Rice Cozies

A herb and essential oil infused rice bag that can be heated or put in the freezer to aid in the body's natural healing process.

Different Sizes For Different Needs

Large for any area that needs the comfort of hot or cold therapy.  The medium are boot/shoe warmers. The small are hand warmers.  One for the neck and shoulders.

Oil Blends

I create blends specially formulated to ease pain and aid in natural healing processes.  

From natural bug spray to severe arthritis pain. I have a fix for that!